Tomato Battle 2013: Squeezing the Juice Out of Life

There are many ways to get your creative juices flowing: On July 20th, I braved three Subway trains and a bus, voyaging from Manhattan to NY's first-ever Tomato Battle, where New Yorkers amassed like a frantic, panting, pulsating group of frenzied Gladiators, primed and ready to pummel each other with the plump juices of the sweet overly ripe tomatoes.  

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Unleashed with the ASPCA: Volunteer & Cuddle with a Cutie-pie-puppydog

Remember when you were younger and used to love the simple pleasures of stroking a cat or cuddling with puppies?  Well, guess what?  Puppies still exist!  (And they are still so cute!)    . . .Don’t fret my pet.  You can still rekindle your love of animals without having to forfeit your lifestyle and have fun while doing it!  

Unleash (pun intended!) your love for animals with the ASPCA: one of the many ways you can get motivated, get involved, and get moving!  

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