Fun at the Four Seasons Restaurant

When having the opportunity to savor the flavor of NYC, one simply must seize it!  One of my all-time favorite restaurants in NYC is the Four Seasons Restaurant.  Not to be confused with the hotel, this restaurant is a veritable New York City landmark (seriously, you can Google it!) and always has an eclectic who's-who of the City among its diners.  If you sit at the bar on any given night, you'll meet CEO's, moguls, artists, heirs to thrones, designers, and businessmen, all of whom can appreciate a great glass of wine, great ambiance, and great company.  

The food is delicate, flavorful, and will tantalize a refined palate that is able to distinguish and value true artistry on a plate.

Here I host a segment for and have the rare chance to take you behind the scenes at this legendary restaurant.  So, enjoy this brief look into its kitchen and learn the real way to shuck an oyster with Chef Peko and me!

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