Great TV Translates! (no matter what language!)

"If wishes were fishes, we'd all be swimming in an ocean."  I regret not having written and posted in my Blog/Vlog/Mlog more regularly recently.  I've been traveling a lot lately, creating a new media company, and working really hard to create a great new future for us all . . . so that there will be fabulous footage and digital content to come!  "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were oats and nuts, we'd all have a bowl of granola."  --Well, despite that, I appreciate you continuing to be a dedicated reader!  From my perspective: "What's done is done; now lets have some fun!"  :)

Luckily, no matter what, you can see my Facebook page for recent posts that are inspirational, irreverent, insightful, funny, & #SMOtivational -for your reading pleasure!

A lot has been happening lately!  (See below!)  ... I'm currently the featured on-air American travel expert and TV show host on Japan's largest morning TV show on Nippon TV:  ZIP!  Brought to viewers in part by Marie Claire, here's a clip of me highlighting NYC to the Japanese audience:


Travel and luxury expert gives morning viewers of ZIP! in Japan a grand tour of NYC! ...Check out Michelle's tour of SoHo and Harlem to Japanese viewers on the its national morning TV show. Segoi! - Cool!

I adore Japan and it's always wonderful to connect with viewers globally!  

Years ago, I spent an entire summer on a "yama" (small mountain) in the "tambo" (rice paddies).  

  "Ohayō!"  おはよう  Little known fact: I speak some Japanese--with a really dead-on accent, might I add!     It's an honor to explore new cultures and a privilege to share mine.

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xoxo, Michelle