Diving Into A Chocolate Pudding Lake

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” #AlexanderPope 

Do you agree?  Will our lives be easier if we don't expect anything of us?  I want to talk about feeling guilty of not living up to our expectations and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves.  To my mind, without expectations we won’t savor our accomplished goals.

To work at full potential means maximizing the effort we’ve put in and having others recognize not only your skill level and talent, but also the effort and tenacity that you’ve applied.  There is an effervescent joy in the feeling of accomplishing something to full potential.

Accomplishing a goal feels like throwing yourself into a deep lake of chocolate pudding and coming out totally drenched, dripping head to toe.  You smile because everybody else can recognize that you are totally covered in that pudding.  And that you’ve reached the other side.  And have accomplished whatever you’ve set up to do with a smile.

What happens if you don’t make it?  What if you need a little help?  What if you are failing?  Maybe it’s the lake water, maybe it’s that chocolate pudding scenario.  Sometimes you are in terrain and you don’t know how you’ve got there and feel foreign.  You are in the thick of it and, all of a sudden, you found yourself surrounded by an entirely new environment.  But you dove right in because you wanted to be able to emerge triumphant and you splash that pudding off your eyes with a big white smile.

If you are failing, asking for help may seem impossible.  Nevertheless, sometimes we all need that help available to us like a helping hand.  Or maybe that hand needs another helping hand.  If you are too deep, you need a person to hold on to another person, and that person to another person, and so forth…  With additional help they can to reach far enough to pull you back in.  If you are in uncharted waters (or chocolate pudding, ha-ha) you need someone with vision at the end of that lake to see where you are.  If you’ve created a team of people, they will be able to dive right in and pull you out.  Someone can help all of you to make it to the other side, and that person will be you guardian angel.

My team and I are working on a new project.  Actually, two projects.  One of them is for a fabulous luxury show, and the other one is for a charitable foundation.  The luxury show is going to be able to highlight all of the fabulous things in life I have to show you.  My team and I can’t wait to show it all.  We’re ready to show everybody our potential and be triumphant.  We are doing it on our own, but I am definitely interested in having people reach out and be our angels.  We are going to be launching campaigns in the nearest future. So stay tune, we appreciate your support. And if we are good, we'll let you lick that chocolate off us when we are at that victory line :D May be then you'll live up to your potential, too :) 

XOXO, Michelle

Riding Your Memories Into the Sunset

Riding your Memories into the Sunset!

If we could gallop on memories and ride into the sunset, my father would always be a cowboy to me!  He was the most fun, most adventurous, most loving and wonderful and friendly man I knew!  He'd tell me stories of the Wild West and how good always triumphed over bad, thanks to the man on the horse: The Lone Ranger.  He made being a kid fun.  And he made being a young girl seem like the days ahead would be filled always with fun and excitement, endless opportunities and surprise.

This #SundayFunday is also Father's Day, and I want to remember and honor the joy, pleasure, delight, and fun I had spending time with my father, David Smoller.  When I was young, my dad and I used to go horseback riding together.  I grew up riding the two family Palominos: beautiful blonde horses, whose manes were the color of dried straw in a field.  When I was two years old, I was first placed on Bo and truly, my father could not have been prouder!  He was an amazing horseback rider, and he used to work as a horse wrangler.  He loooved horses, and imbued me with the same affection.  I remember waking up early in the mornings, so my father and I could go for rides; we'd put on thick jeans and get ready, the sweet smell of grass filling the air.

Every time my dad and I went to the stable to visit our horses, he would take peppermint out of his pocket and put it in my hand.  The horses were eating peppermint right out of the palms of our hands!  I could trust these animals because my father trusted them.  I am a great horseback rider as a result of his training because I started when I was really young.  Even now I can hop on any saddle and feel very comfortable and confident.

On the way back from the stable we would sing along with the radio and laugh.  We always stopped at this little bakery and chose pastries.  Sometimes we got éclair, sometimes chocolate chip cookies, sometimes an apple turnover…all different pastries.  Each week we would choose something different: the excitement of the choice, the tantalizing exhuberance at seeing all the scrumptious options, the delicious flavors of the decadent desserts each week.

It is amazing how fathers can shape our perspectives and how the activities can be not only special, but also very enjoyable and gratifying.  I recently found home videos of me when I was 4 years old. I was participating in a horse riding competition and I could hear my dad in the background screaming, “Go baby, go…”  I could hear the joy and the pride that he had.  Not only of me, but of the horse that was giving me the chance to compete.  At some point I could hear him say, “Win or Lose… That’s my baby!” A father's love is unconditional.

Once, when I was a little girl, I had a birthday party in our house.  We were all playing outside and enjoying the day.  My father went away for a few minutes and, all of a sudden, he came from around the corner riding a horse.  He rode down the street toward our house.  He was always doing things to make us happy, because that’s what life is about!  It’s about fun and joy!  It’s about doing your best to make others smile!  Not only to have fun for yourself, but also to bring fun to others!  It’s fun to be able to surprise other people.  Experiences like that you get to remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

 My father used to have cowboy hats and boots.  He used to wear them even with normal suits and clothes.  Those were the things that I kept for myself after he passed away because those things are very special to me.  It is great to be able to relish memories and appreciate those around you.  I was fortunate to celebrate life with my father.  I know for a fact that my father was trying to pursue fun each day of his life.  That’s why currently my team and I are working to create an organization to honor my father.  This day, #SundayFunday, goes out not only to my father, but to all fathers out there.

Happy Father’s day!

Love, Michelle