Diving Into A Chocolate Pudding Lake

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” #AlexanderPope 

Do you agree?  Will our lives be easier if we don't expect anything of us?  I want to talk about feeling guilty of not living up to our expectations and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves.  To my mind, without expectations we won’t savor our accomplished goals.

To work at full potential means maximizing the effort we’ve put in and having others recognize not only your skill level and talent, but also the effort and tenacity that you’ve applied.  There is an effervescent joy in the feeling of accomplishing something to full potential.

Accomplishing a goal feels like throwing yourself into a deep lake of chocolate pudding and coming out totally drenched, dripping head to toe.  You smile because everybody else can recognize that you are totally covered in that pudding.  And that you’ve reached the other side.  And have accomplished whatever you’ve set up to do with a smile.

What happens if you don’t make it?  What if you need a little help?  What if you are failing?  Maybe it’s the lake water, maybe it’s that chocolate pudding scenario.  Sometimes you are in terrain and you don’t know how you’ve got there and feel foreign.  You are in the thick of it and, all of a sudden, you found yourself surrounded by an entirely new environment.  But you dove right in because you wanted to be able to emerge triumphant and you splash that pudding off your eyes with a big white smile.

If you are failing, asking for help may seem impossible.  Nevertheless, sometimes we all need that help available to us like a helping hand.  Or maybe that hand needs another helping hand.  If you are too deep, you need a person to hold on to another person, and that person to another person, and so forth…  With additional help they can to reach far enough to pull you back in.  If you are in uncharted waters (or chocolate pudding, ha-ha) you need someone with vision at the end of that lake to see where you are.  If you’ve created a team of people, they will be able to dive right in and pull you out.  Someone can help all of you to make it to the other side, and that person will be you guardian angel.

My team and I are working on a new project.  Actually, two projects.  One of them is for a fabulous luxury show, and the other one is for a charitable foundation.  The luxury show is going to be able to highlight all of the fabulous things in life I have to show you.  My team and I can’t wait to show it all.  We’re ready to show everybody our potential and be triumphant.  We are doing it on our own, but I am definitely interested in having people reach out and be our angels.  We are going to be launching campaigns in the nearest future. So stay tune, we appreciate your support. And if we are good, we'll let you lick that chocolate off us when we are at that victory line :D May be then you'll live up to your potential, too :) 

XOXO, Michelle