Smile & Strike a Pose . . . But See only the Good Shots & Delete the Bad

Mind over matter: Posing in public for a photoshoot?  You may feel awkward, or exhilarated, or not know exactly where to put your right hand.   But, with the shutter's click.  CLICK. CLICK!  Magic can happen; the thrill of a beautiful photograph and being able to appreciate that image is a reward and a pleasure to behold.


Capturing a moment in time.  It can be a beautiful thing.  But, when a moment is precious and fleeting, there are one of two ways you can go: either RUIN it, by insisting on a photo and missing the ephemeral flirtation of the moment.


Or you can encapsulate its beauty.  With the flash of that photograph, it's like: poof! You've somehow created a magical twinkling veil of magic around the moment forever.  And frozen it in time, so that you can appreciate that moment...that second...those emotions, those subtle facial expressions and flickers in the eye and wrinkles in the clothes.  You can see a photo and therein, you see the streamline of the sunrise or the  twinkling of stars ...and the reflection of those colors in your eyes, forever.  It's magical.  The scents come back...of the grass by the pond or the hotdog by the baseball game.


When we see ourselves in photos, our emotions come back from that time: the taste of glory, the feeling of secret defeat.  But we also are self-critical, visually, when we review our physical selves and the actual aesthetic composition of the image.  In a photo, you may see at yourself and feel the disappointment of imperfection, instead of seeing "the bigger picture."  (pun intended, all seriousness)  "...ahhh, beautiful, great, I'm finally in front of the Taj Mahal, but look at my double chin!"  (No one else would notice; they'd just see a gorgeous, stunning image of you in front of one of the most awe-inspiring sites in the world, but our self-doubt can seep in.)  Or "if I'd just moved my arm to the left, then I'd look pretty."  Or, "if I just had jumped higher, in front of the statue, then I'd look cool."  It's all a matter of perspective.  

What we experience and feel is what we choose to see.  

What we see in front of us, is not actually what exists.  The photograph may be beautiful and stunning (to everyone else), but if we feel a different connotation or have a different association linked to it, then that image's aesthetic qualities matter little.  If we see something beautiful, but perceive and associate it to be less-than, then--no matter what--it will not meet our own expectations.  Our perception of something is what matters and what is real.

This is true also of the world:  The images that we create and see daily all our perception of past internal "photographs" that were taken.  We choose to immortalize certain moments.  We choose to capture them in our minds and relive those captured moments by "seeing them" over and over and over again.  In our mental scrapbook, we see those certain moments with total clarity and feel the associated emotions again and again.  We see the results of those images and analyze ourselves, knowing our inner thoughts and our inner feelings at the time we "took those photos."

We are the lump sum of our mental photographs.  And we must be confident in choosing to capture the wonderful moments and delete the bad snapshots.  So, pose for the camera.  Let it all GO.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Because, when you allow yourself to be free, then your mind's camera will follow and feel free to be "present" and stay in the moment.  The FLASH will go off and brilliance and insight and perspective will be possible.

When in real life, CAPTURE THE REAL moments when you can!!!  With mental photos or actual ones, keep SNAPPING!!!!  But, instead of judging your flaws, allow yourself to feel the goodness of the moments and transcend the doubts and fears to realize that, in capturing any moment, you are being beautiful and productive, because you are aspiring to seize the beauty of a moment, which--in and of itself--is an act of beauty.  

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay motivated.

Lights, camera, action,

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