Flat Screen? Or Big Screen? To Buy a Movie Online or See it at The Theater?

Listen Media Mavens and Masters: The new way to watch your favorite TV show or film is ONLINE with emissions-free, one-click buying.  It’s faster and, well, just cooler.  The alternative?  Waiting IN LINE at a movie theater after having to drive all the way there.  (Chumps!)  Unless you’re on a second date or have young children or a senior discount card, then—let’s be real—having actually to put on shoes, socks pants, and (Lord, forbid!) accessories seems like a waste of time.  I’d much rather be sprawled out on my couch in pajamas, than having just spent all this time to figure out what to wear, only to find a leg-restrictive seat and sit in a darkened room for three hours (where no one will see my clothing anyway)—I don’t even want to discuss cold weather, uncomfortable bulky jackets, or a belts that are too-tight.


Going to the theater means wasting gas money and time in traffic, then having to waste some more time (and build up some more pent-up resentment/anger/frustration, as you wait) at the theater to buy tickets.   - When you consider the expense of feeling like a piece of cattle, while awkwardly waiting between cheap plastic ropes, then the exhilaration of seeing a film at a genuine theater loses its sex appeal and its allure; the costs become pretty steep, even before you see the actual prices.  And—"oh yay!," you have a group of friends with you?  ...Lets penalize you by forcing you all to purchase multiple tickets, as opposed to one lump total of a ticket—which is what occurs with an online purchase, it's a purchase that you make, have for life, and then benefit from being able to enjoy again and again . . .  with as many people as you choose!   Another benefit of being home is the “pause button,” which puts you in control, making you the master of your own domain.  Bathroom breaks or snuggle sessions?  Sure, no problem!  And, again, if you miss anything, you don't need to feel resentful at that annoyingly talkative friend and say husshhh!!!  Shhhhh!!!  When you purchase (access to) video content, everything is cool, daddyo—no worries!  You can always just rewind or watch it again—maybe even the moment that person leaves.  


At movie theaters, the aroma of butter-flavored popcorn whets the appetite and permeates the air: but this salty snack with no inherent nutritional value (no protein or vitamins) is slathered with oil, like the majority of concession stand food.  So—since they don’t have the film at home to watch again—theaters basically waste money, time, promote obesity, and encourage people to come back.  Wow, those companies have a good business model.  An average large popcorn costs $8; for the same $8 would being able to buy 12 bags of the leading home-microwaved box brand, not to mention how (at home) you can prepare healthy options to eat and snack on during the movie.


With online, streaming services: you click, buy, and finish—and voila!, for perpetuity, you have a film to watch again and again!  - You can enjoy the hilarity, drama, or rom-com for life!  You’ve saved on ticket prices, gas money (and emissions), high food costs, and can create a great ambiance at home!


Another benefit?? With next-gen technology, your video platform will benefit you with services that can suggest TV and films that likely will appeal to you—again, saving you time.  More about THIS in my next article.  Until then – happy watching, wishing you a good day, and a great night!



Watch what you watch!
— Michelle Smoller