La Vie Los Angeles

When I moved to The City of Angels, I boarded a plane with three very overloaded suitcases and high hopes that my career would soar to new heights as a result of my relocation.  So far, what I can say for certain is: at least I'm unpacked and have gotten a bit of a tan.  Luckily, I also have some other exciting plans in the mix, including an entertainment project pertaining to media mavens, which I am very happy is developing well… - Unwinding from living in Manhattan is an adjustment.  I no longer wake up in the mornings with a post-traumatic-stress-pang of fear as to what the day's weather will be… and wonder how I will have to plan my day's outfit accordingly.  Instead, I just go with the flow and know that the day will be a beautiful one—you truly can take it for granted that the skies will be blue and that the sun will be bright.

I have been meeting with amazing people in this great City and feel fortunate and grateful to be making great strides.  The atmosphere in LA is very different than New York, but filled with pockets of neighborhoods that each have their own flavor and sumptuous taste to be savored.  People abide by the pedestrian-walking rules and parking tickets are given away in abundance in Los Angeles.  Tow trucks slowly peruse the streets (like sharks, stalking the seas, looking for their chum) and parked cars line most blocks, decorating even winding hills, like adornments—as though they themselves are props in a movie.

I must admit, choosing a car for some Manhattanites is like choosing a (make-believe) "lidgclyadlavl" - It's a totally unknown new thing.  Not only is it a semblance of a new toy, but also it is also a massive investment that we will be tied to—like a relationship, job, apartment (or some other large-scale commitment)—for a significant period of time.  Additionally, there are unforeseen considerations, like a car's residual value, cost of gas, monthly  insurance and more!  — When I sat in the first car I test drove, I was such a novice, I had to ask where the "door lock" button was, and also how to turn on the windshield wipers.  (The last car I owned took me from high school to college…I drove it with my mother down from Rhode Island one year to Nashville.  After university, it became a lovely leaf collector in my parents' driveway after I moved to New York City, until my parents eventually sold it years later.)  —Moving to Los Angeles, it's great to reconnect with my love of driving!  …Navigating where I go—and how I get there.  …. And, after about six weeks or so of taking up to eight Ubers a day, I am THRILLED to be behind the wheel and on the road!  (Taking so many Ubers makes you grow quickly tired of small talk!  I never realized how exhausting it could be! …. Small talk in big doses can amount to a major headache after a while, despite the lovely and friendly nature of all parties involved!)   

Los Angeles is sunny and lovely and the days seem to melt into one another in an endless sea of sunshine that imbues you with a false sense of everlasting Pause, as though no day has passed.  It often feels like the days have not ended, but just faded into another…. and time seems to meld into a beautiful mixture of sunshine-filled activities and thought that then take a moment's respite once dusk and nightfall come, only to exist once again the following sunshiny day, as though no night has fallen and no time has passed.

It's refreshing to harness my ambition and excitement here and reconnect with producers and writers.   Carpe diem!  I want to live every day to the max fully—not wake from a slumber, like a sun-kissed Rip Van Winkle, who has become rip-van-wrinkled over time.  I want to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway, but also want to make sure I am with people in my car who are multi-tasking with me, so that we can live up to our aptitudes along the ride!  There are many paths that can lead us to happiness, and I'm here in Los Angeles finding mine –and making mine.  This is a great time to be here.

A recent New York Times article wrote about how many New Yorkers are making diasporas from New York to Los Angeles and I am definitely in great company.  While I have lived in Europe and Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, this is my first "entree" into the fabulous world of living on the West Coast…and I must say that I am thrilled to be here!  To anyone who is interested in collaborating, I hope to hear from you!  …And to anyone who isn't…. keep an open mind.  That's what I'm doing … and switching coasts ain't easy!


Wishing you a good day and a great night from sunny Los Angeles, Michelle xoxo