Go Ahead; Give Yourself a Standing Ovation!

I recently had the honor of being invited to be on the host committee for an organization called Feminine Weapon.  Being asked to be one of the faces of FW was a huge surprise and I was incredibly touched.  It means that I represent the organization's tenets: a woman who is empowered and strives to empower those around me; a lady who is unafraid and absolutely is lives life to the max!  --On January 30, 2014, we celebrated Feminine Weapon Day and, in celebration, I wrote the article below.  I hope you like it and get involved!

Applaud Yourself!

Growing up, as a young girl, I would bask in glow during performances at the theater. Now knowing what a Feminine Weapon is, I think back on those moments and of the female characters in musicals. They were the Ultimate Feminine Weapons - over-the-top, liberated, and flamboyant; uninhibited and unafraid. Onstage, they embodied their roles and their characters. Whether coy, demure, sassy, saintly, sexual, loud, bawdy, or outrageous: they owned it. They seized the stage and took no mercy. I was mesmerized by the way they could repeat the same performance night after night with gusto and force. They’d swoop into song with tigress-like power and attack ballads and dance solos with warrior-like prowess.

Naturally, I watched in wonder and admiration. They made me feel giddy and swept me away from my surroundings; I felt engrossed in their power. That is what it feels like to be around a Feminine Weapon . . . she wraps you in a sense of awe and makes you feel like you too can achieve greatness.

Michelle Smoller Feminine Weapon.jpg

After attending a performance, I’d rush home to fantasize about when I too, a precocious overweight only child with high hopes and ambition - would be able to command the admiration of my peers in such a way: to be unabashedly uninhibited, and to be a Feminine Weapon and dominate that stage. (Little did I know, I already was one in the making - a Lil' Weap) In the privacy of my bedroom, I would blast musical theater and dream of those divas onstage. I would stand in front of the mirror, mimicking their arm movements and singing at the top of my lungs. I’d squish up my face, writhing in feigned anger and then "pop!" out a wide smile before breaking into song, as I practiced how I too could be a dramatic, exciting showstopper.

A powerful, fabulous woman is a woman who can command attention and take control. She is a woman who can control the gaze of an entire audience and who everyone in a room finds captivating . . . Someone so breathtakingly exquisite, uniquely interesting, shockingly raw or magnificently talented that people cannot help but stare in delight.

I believe that a Feminine Weapon is that little girl all grown up. Maybe now she knows that you don’t need to be loud, or onstage, or wearing a feather-boa and roller-skating, while being carried into the spotlight by six topless men.  Regardless, she is a woman who admires strong women. She is a lady who speaks her mind in order to be true to herself, even if she knows that others may not want to hear it. She is true to her own character. Even when the world judges her, a Feminine Weapon continues to dance and sing and perform with the same gusto and excellence, power and stamina, each day and each night as she did the day before.

In growing up and seeing those powerhouse women onstage, I learned that we have the ability to transform into any character and that, together, we can take on the world one stage at a time.   

I feel proud be a Feminine Weapon and strive to set that same example for other young girl in viewing audiences.

- As an entertainer, I encourage people to watch me, to see me, to recognize me because I want people to know that what I do has value. I want them to listen to what I have to say, because I have things to say worth hearing.

- As a reporter, I give the gift of clarity and information. My powers draw out intimate details of a story to help others understand their surroundings and the world.

- As a TV show host, I provide viewers with a welcoming hello, the charisma and love of a best friend, and the inside scoop that they crave.

-As a motivational speaker, I help empower people to realize that they have the ability to be better than they are.

- As a comedienne, I give people the gift of laughter, commanding the attention of a crowd through outlandish antics, playful comedy, and joke after joke.

- As a Feminine Weapon, I command attention. I get out there and let it be known that what I do and say matters to me and to others. I encourage others to do the same.

Feeling empowered, microphone in hand.

Feeling empowered, microphone in hand.

Each day is a celebration and a fresh opportunity to shine.  We all deserve a standing ovation, but—whether people applaud or not—a Feminine Weapon is going to keep owning that stage and working her character, because—no matter what—she knows that true applause comes from within.   


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