Keeping It Real with the Vanderbilt Reunion: "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

Upon entering Vanderbilt University, my classmates and I all received an entry gift of a copy of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"  


Well, it's been five years since graduating, so I ask you, my fellow Commodores:  Which places have you gone? Where have you been?  What have you done?

When the Vanderbilt Alumni Committee approached me to do a reunion video for the upcoming Vanderbilt Reunion, I was more than happy to help out, since it was at Vanderbilt where I started to develop my on-camera skills.  It was there that I hosted the longest-running television show "Keeping It Real with Michelle Smoller," which is a tagline that I still use today.


My time at Vanderbilt allowed me to grow from being a girl with a dream of being on-camera to being a television host who is on-camera.  It gave me the confidence to track down stories, book guests, and the humor and empathy to know how to deal with different on-air subjects.  


Michelle, reporting on Wall Street

I'm fortunate to have discovered my passion for TV, entertainment, and journalism and, five years later, BAM!  Here we are!  I cannot wait to hear all about how you have changed, grown, and evolved in the last five years.  It's a beautiful opportunity to be able to learn and rediscover each other as more mature versions of ourselves five years later.  Since then I've worked in multiple capacities as an anchor, on-air television show host, actress, editor, segment producer, researcher, vlogger, talent coordinator, etc for shows including CBS News, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, and The Late Show with David Letterman.  I also hosted a local television show for four years.  I've been zipping around the place and have over six years of on-camera experience, reporting live, in-studio, and in front of a green-screen in places like Sweden, Dubai, and Central Africa.  And why? Because of my gumption . . . much of which is a result of, of course, Vanderbilt.


"Oh, the Places You'll Go!"


Now, with our reunion coming up: I WANT TO HEAR YOU BRAG!  I want to hear about all you've done and STAY POSITIVE with YOU!!!



Michelle Smoller: Keeping It Real in 2013 for the VANDERBILT REUNION


I believe that there are so many things that we have accomplished in the past five years . . . but are we entirely happy with where you are?  

Hopefully, the chance to reconnect with some old buddies and form new relationships with fellow Vandy grads, will be an enable us to reestablish connections that will enhance all of our lives and bring us new opportunities.  I know that I want to do so much more in the NEXT five years, and--together--we can help each other accomplish our dreams!

I'm looking forward to reconnecting and, feel free to please reach out to me directly! Looking forward to seeing you soon at the reunion!


Warm Wishes and Regards,



Michelle Smoller