Power Nap for Power Players: Sleeping Beauty in NYC - Sleeping with Smoller!

NYC, are you exhausted in the City that never sleeps?! Then grab a nap, people! As always, I'm bringing you an imaginative option: Step off the bustling streets and into Yelo, a unique spa in the heart of Manhattan that offers unique sleeping pods, where spa-goers can experience deep sleeps in short periods of time (as in: REM-sleep-cycle pay-off in power-nap period of time) .  At Yelo Spa, they have created something that is like a sleep-inducing spaceship…a pod-like structure where you can just… chill!

Don’t be like George Costanza and get caught sleeping on the job!  (As much as I adore that episode of Seinfeld!)  I’m all about showing you how to lead a happy, adventurous, fabulous life so that you can be happy, healthy, high-functioning, and motivated to live life to the max! …Ladies, we all need our beauty sleep!  …And, frankly, men: you could use a nap, because I like a sweet gentleman who is able to dance the night away and sweep a Sleeping Beauty off her feet, as opposed to being a cranky curmudgeon who could use a naptime.  

This is the stuff that dreams are made of and your dream just came true! Yelo is a high-tech sanctuary that feels blissfully therapeutic. The comfy sleep-pods dim the lights, play relaxing lullabies, and recline you down into the land of nod - your favorite aroma enveloping you and leading you off of Manhattan into a deep swift slumber. Everyone deserves to feel refreshed and this is a way to maximize time, while still feeling like you’ve taken a long Rip-Van-Winkle-style sleep.  In one of the busiest cities in the world, this is a dream-like way for you power players to maximize your time and enjoy a mini-vacation getaway in the middle of your Midtown day. …Just one more way to revive yourself.  It’s amazing how someone can create a cool new type of spa!  (Futuristic!)


Dream a little dream with me!  ...and find out what I REALLY think about Yelo in the video below:

Sleep Tight . . . Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!