NINJA NEW YORK: A Taste of Japan in Tribeca

DO you wage secret missions in the night and creep around the New York streets?  Well then it sounds like you're a New York ninja already and this restaurant is just for you.  Located in the heart of Tribeca, Ninja New York takes diners to another world: the feudal era of Japan, to an underground dining room where ninja-waiters and magicians stealthily surprise and mesmerize guests as they eat.  Upon entering this restaurant you descend a flight of stairs into a mysterious dark authentic-looking ninja village with a labyrinth of complex mazes that allows diners to eat in individual little rooms with their guests and enjoy private dining experiences.  

In the video below, together we taste some of the restaurant's succulent menu: enjoy some colorful cocktails, potent saké, ice cold shrimp cooled by DRY ice, fresh dragon sushi, fire flambé-prepared steak, and one-of-a-kind chocolate mousse dessert!  

This is a place that is worth "leaving" America: SERIOUSLY.  Part of the fun is the ninjas, who swoop in throughout the meal, surprising you as you eat, but you'll also be astonished by the food and its presentation.  It is an interactive experience: there is a dish that arrives with a ninja sword in it; when you pull out the sword, somehow, dry ice is released.  Smoke wafts all around you and oozes into the air, creating a beautiful cloud that soon dissipates as you enjoy your perfectly chilled, unbelievably fresh dish.  The innovative plates are exciting, absolutely delicious, and artfully served.  You get to mix ingredients at the table like ancient potions and the plates are flavorful and memorable.

...If you want to integrate actual weapons into your culinary experience and get to be  with real ninjas, then this is the place for you... So enjoy some mystery and action while you eat and leave the streets of the modern-day City, because on a scale of 1-fabulous, I definitely recommend Ninja New York as being highly fabulous!!!