Roller-Skate Like It's Your Birthday: Crazy Legs Skate Club

As always, it's a privilege to share some great new activities to try in NYC and show you appealing ways to stay active and have fun!  So, if you want to try something new on a Wednesday night, then look no further!  

In the area of NYC, if you want a wholesome, affordable night of roller-skating, where do you go?

To Crazy Legs Skate Club, of course!  Each Wednesday night in Brooklyn, genuine skate fans come out to express themselves on the roller skating rink, taking their moves to the dance floor to great music.

So let your thighs feel the burn and enjoy a 1970's-style, disco-dance roller-skating party.

This is a night that will make you feel like a kid again!  With a live DJ, who plays great music all night, you get an experience that will leave you laughing and wanting more.  It's a wholesome community-like feeling that is welcoming to everyone.  Leave your pretentiousness at the door and just bring a smile.  Have fun and let loose! A live DJ spins all night and, did I mention the feeling of gliding on air?  (it's great!)

Crazy Legs Skate Club is a Wednesday-night roller rink dance party celebration on skates; it brings together people from all walks of life. (or should I say "skates of life?")  ...People dress casually, whereas others dress to impress as though they are going to a 1970's-themed rave-style dance party. It’s wild!

Admission to "free skate" (which includes four hours of unlimited skating) is a mere $10, and skate rental is an additional $5.  Included in the cost of admission is a complimentary buffet!  Yes.  I said it.  At Crazy Legs, you get a FREE buffet (umm, yes, I said FREE FOOD!) and a roller rink.  It is Southern-style, freshly made food.  (When I was there it was fried chicken, collard greens, okra, salad, Mac 'N Cheese, etc)

Don't know how to roller-skate?  No problem!  For $25, from 6:45-8pm, you can sign up for a class to learn how to roller skate or brush up on your skills, so you'll be able to glide with the regulars and pick up some really, "wheely" impressive skills before the skate floor gets too busy.  

Roller-skating with Crazy Legs is a kitschy, down-home fun wholesome way to spend an evening with friends.  Imagine laughing with friends and enjoying a disco party on roller skates.  Like a rave on roller skates!

While Crazy Legs attracts some newbies, they already a huge following of regulars. Many of the Crazy Legs regulars actually travel regionally to attend different roller skating derbies (competitions) and their enthusiasm and love for the sport is beautiful to experience.

This is just ONE of the many experiences that you probably don't know is happening but that exists in the outer boroughs; it draws roller-skating fans from throughout all of NYC.  It's a great way to work up a sweat... and make your date stay hot on your trail all night!  --One more new experience to try in NYC that will allow you to stay active.  So rediscover an inner level of wholesome child-like pure joy, and have fun!


Don't be second rate...try something new and try to skate!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, and Stay Motivated!  



Enjoy a fun evening and roller skate like it's your birthday!


Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, and Stay Motivated! 
This is just one of the many activities taking place around you that is fun, healthy, and a new random way to spend an evening: you'll be able to enjoy and feel like a kid again, in a warm setting.  So rediscover your inner skater and glide on!


Wishing you a good day and a great night!  xoxo