My Dear Volunteers: How to Play like a Grown-Up

When we barely have time to see our friends and the laundry pile is nearly toppling over, we may rationalize that volunteering is just too hard.  Lets be real: after doing all of the things we feel obligated to do, who feels time to accomplish all the things we want to do?   It can be tough sometimes to get the motivation to close that laptop, get off the couch, and get active. Time is a commodity: and when Bellinis and Mimosas become more of a priority than brushing our teeth and balancing our checkbooks, life can feel like a blur.  But volunteering isn't difficult: it is a way to have fun and enrich our lives!   It isn't a chore, but rather a reward.

Volunteering is a great way to feel good.  Think of it like free entertainment that is hands-on.  Instead of paying money to watch a movie or see a play, when you volunteer you actually get to be a part of it; you actually get to play and interact!  

They don't say "get active" in your community for no reason.  Volunteering allows you to activate your potential and unleash elements of your personality that you haven't used in a while.




Michelle Smoller, smiling atcha! 

Finding a great volunteer organization that really ignites your passion, in and of itself, is a reward--like finding that missing puzzle piece: something that you enjoy doing that simultaneously helps others. Seeing the effect that your work has on the community is truly gratifying. --But, how to choose the right one?  (Now that can be the tough part!)

I'm creating a wonderful new series on how we can get involved and GET ACTIVE in our communities, so have NO fear my future volunteers!  I'm going to highlight some of my favorite charitable volunteer groups that you may or may not know about.


To keep updated, check back with me to find out which ones are up your alley!




Love you, my babies!