Fathers Day


Father’s Day is a time for us to remember the men in our lives who spent hours shaping us into the lovely people we are today.  Whether watching me do cartwheels for hours, judging my hula hoop competitions, helping me learn to throw a softball, working on my class art projects with me, or sitting with me as I’d look through my video clips to choose the best snippets, my Dad was a great person who made me feel special when he’d set aside time to be with me. 

On Father’s Day, it’s our time to set aside a day to recognize all those moments and outwardly state that appreciation.

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to make a brief video in New York City and hit the streets, asking some New Yorkers to share some of their random memories and favorite things about their fathers with us.  This is some of what they came up with.  Thanks for watching!

Don't forget to send a card to your Dad, give him a call, and mark your calendar for next year!  xoxo