LIVE, From New York: It's Darrell Hammond



Think you can mimic the voice of your mother?  Or do an impersonation of your boyfriend?  Well, chances are, so can Darrell Hammond!   As a powerful stand-up comedian and highly regarded impressionist, he is a source of inspiration for comics.  Known for his substantial seasons of success on Saturday Night Live, Darrell takes audiences to new realms of reality via his abilities and imitates infinite pools of people.


Applying his dark humor and sharply honed abilities, he is able to manipulate, contort, and tweak his facial expressions and voice to take on many characters . . . Darrell takes audiences on unique entertaining theatrical experiences with his sardonic stand-up performances and keen comedic impersonations.


In comedy, we are told to develop our own voice.  But Darrell Hammond has made a career out of developing hundreds.  His ability to transform his tonality is what differentiates him from other comedians.  The video below is a rare glimpse into Darrell Hammond’s life; he rarely grants interviews and, as someone who is lucky enough to know Darrell, I feel privileged to be able to share this short video with you!  Despite him being a public figure, he is an incredibly private person. 

Click here to see Michelle Smoller and Darrell Hammond of SNL.


He was the longest running cast member on Saturday Night Live EVER!  As a little girl living in Rhode Island (smallest State with the largest heart, y’all!), I grew up watching him lend a new voice to season after season of the legendary program. 


He is an innovative voice artist, wildly successful comic, and a best-selling author.  Enjoy the interview and, as always, thanks for watching!

(Pardon the poor audio quality of this video . . . we know . . . )