Tea Time Tea-Off!

For all you Vegans and Vegetarians out there, this one’s for you!  Eat meat?  Mea- too!  But at TeaNY, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with the delicious fare and be shocked by its flavor when you find out that it’s meat free. 

Admit it: after you heard your first Moby CD, you were a vegan for a week-and-a-half?  Well, it’s no surprise that Moby is one of the original owners of this restaurant.  TeaNY is a sweet, cozy spot that is just a casual, no-nonsense cute little frill-y place where you can warm up with exotic tea in a local setting.  In this video, I interview current TeaNY guru Chef Marino and give you a real-life taste of TeaNY: 107 teas and Vegan Italian fare. 

Tea afficianados in New York City have found their new favorite little nook with TeaNY.  Located in the Lower East Side, on 90 Rivington Street, this is a great spot to enjoy some delicious tea in the Lower East Side.  …If you’re a man-eater, but still consider yourself a vegan, then this might be your spot: Come one, come vegan: for teatime or lunchtime!


Bringing you a straightforward segment about a local spot that is an alternative choice for dining.  "TeaNY: Big Flavor," I say.   . . . As always, thanks for watching!

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