Whisper Corners in Grand Central: A Grand Old Dame Turns 100!

Ever been inside anything that's 100 years old . . . with thousands of other people at the same time?  If you're a New Yorker, chances are, you have!  

This year, Grand Central Station turns 100 years old.   There are infinite secrets that a person, entity, or even a building can acquire over the course of a century . . .some of which you might not want to yell out loud.  


...One of the  little-known, or perhaps little spoken-of, areas that exists in the Station is its Whisper Gallery, located near the Oyster Bar in the dining terminal.  

There, if you stand across from someone else and whisper near one of the corners of the archways . . . despite all the noise and hubbub . . . that person will hear you, clear as day, as though you are whispering right in their ear!




Hmm... now a question would be,  "What would you whisper in a stranger's ear"? 

-I love you.
-"Yo mama."
-Buy me a pizza.

-Thanks for reading my MLOG.  Stay happy, stay healthy, stay motivated.  Have a good day and a great night!  xoxo