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Michelle Smoller is a dynamic television host, luxury travel expert, reporter, producer, & comedienne with a big personality and a talent for blending hosting and reporting styles.  She is an uninhibited, charismatic on-air personality whose zest for life translates on-camera.

Having worked internationally and worked in television in many capacities, Michelle's unique perspectives make her a vibrant force to watch.  She is a luxury and travel expert and shares insight with audiences on broad lifestyle topics with gusto.  Whether reporting on lifestyle and travel destinations, sharing unique and quirky adventure segments, or conducting comedic interviews, Michelle always keeps her audience engaged with her vibrant and commanding on-air presence.


Michelle is an international on-air TV show host with a background in news (CBS), improv (UCB), and theatre (Vanderbilt).  She has worked internationally in Sweden, Dubai, Japan, Malawi, and South Africa as a TV reporter, government liaison, correspondent, television producer, and on-air host.  Michelle knows her crowd. Expert in French and Hebrew, Michelle’s international background make her a skilled interviewer, able to take charge on-camera in any setting and environment.  She utilizes her life experiences to make her guests feel comfortable and understood and is able to relate to people of any background as a versatile on-air host.   Michelle is vibrant and uninhibited, genuine and in tune with her audience.  


Whether reporting on-air for a Japanese morning TV show, leading TV crews on the beaches of Malawi, or showing viewers how to make fresh ravioli on TV in NYC, Michelle always knows how to adapt to what viewers want and what they seek.  She is the founder of newly formed Smoll World Creative Enterprises  and is developing a new TV show to generate innovative entertainment opportunities and programming. 

Charismatic and outgoing, Michelle’s years of interviewing, stand-up comedy touring, reporting, and improv training are the basis of her quick-wit and sharp questioning skills.

Michelle is an expert in food, travel, and lifestyle, and is an eloquent, yet irreverent,   reporter and host.  She creates independent TV segments where she features fabulous restaurants, establishments, events, and experiences to show viewers unique and bizarre adventures that exist around them.   Michelle inspires her audience to try new things, reconnect with their inner passions, feel confident in their lives, and explore their own adventurous spirits.   Additionally, she is currently the Luxury Travel editor of NY Smash Magazine.  She was named one of NYC's most eligible bachelorettes in media and is an avid enthusiast of business, philanthropy, travel, horseback riding, fashion, food, and the arts who is an active member of the New York City social community.  

A memorable force on-air and in person, Michelle is a TV show host and reporter who captivates viewers with honesty, integrity, humor, and a smile.

You can contact her at Michelle@MichelleSmoller.com

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